Reasons To Use A Realtor To Sell Your Grove City & Central Ohio Home!

Good Afternoon Fellow Readers!!

Although the title to this blog is “Reasons To Use A Realtor To Sell Your Grove City & Central Ohio Home!” – Please do not think that the same great content will not work for all of the areas we help sell in. Areas not limited to: Grove City, Hilliard, Dublin, Circleville, all of Central Ohio!

I’ll go through 7 great reasons you should be using a Realtor… (preferably my partner and I) … to sell your home!

1) We will list your home at the right price to sell!
As Realtors we have good understanding of the housing market in Grove City, Hilliard, Dublin, Circleville, and basically all of Central, West, and South West Ohio. It is our job, our profession  (which we happen to love) and we pride ourselves on giving our sellers the best highest price analysis of their home. Zillow, Trulia, and other online methods of homeowners trying to get values for their homes are very, very rarely accurate. One study showed that in cities like Kansas City, Cleveland, and Cincinnati – Zillow Estimates were only remotely accurate 10% of the time. Using us, insures better pricing for your home!

2) We offer better home presentations and home selling coaching!
In the world we live in now, the first place a buyer falls in love with a home, is online. Long gone are the days where you would flip open your Sunday paper and see one blurry little photo of the outside of a home! We are here to help you stage your home, and present your home to the largest audience of buyers possible!

3) We are guaranteed to get more exposure of your home!
Buyers don’t have the wool pulled over their eyes like they used to. Years ago there did not used to be such a thing as a “buyer agent”. Agents only represented sellers. As time progressed, and buyers started realizing their wants and needs were not being met… the buyers agent evolved. Now buyers, the majority of the time, contact a real estate agent before looking at properties. This means that the majority of buyers in every market will only be looking at homes listed by an agent. Your home will get more showings, and offers if listed by an agent. Want to know another secret? Buyers typically do not pay a dime out of pocket for their agent… they are paid by the seller’s agent! So what is the motivation to not have a buyers agent? I can’t think of any….

4) You are likely to get a higher offer!
How do I know this? Statistics don’t lie! Higher offers come rolling in when you list with an agent. We are here you make sure your property gets seen by as many people as possible! We also are here to make sure that all aspects of the buying process are handled in a professional manner. When you are represented by an agent… it can dramatically impact the offers that you receive!

5) Inspections & Appraisals!
Nothing can damper the sell of a home more than getting a 35 page inspection report from your buyer.. and not knowing where to start… or what to do. Having an experienced team, like us :), will make all the difference. What are the big ticket items that you may need to fix? What can we push the buyers back on to keep more money in your pocket? We handle all of these questions daily. What about appraisals? If a 35 page inspection report doesn’t have you worried… what about an appraisal that comes in $15,000 less than list price? YIKES!!! Have no fear though, this is where we come in… and will handle these problems with ease!

6) We speed up the time to close!
From the time we get your home into contact (and we will)…to closing… there is a TON of paperwork to be completed. We will handle this daily, keep everything up to date, and up to speed throughout the contract!

Ultimately, what it all comes down to is selling your home for the best possible price for you! If reasons 1-6 were not enough for you… then #7 should be!

If you have thought about selling your home in Grove City, Dublin, Hilliard, or anywhere in Central Ohio… contact us today!

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