Selling Your Home In The Summer

If you’ve ever bought, or sold a house… I’m sure that you’ve heard this over and over again, “Spring is the time to sell!”

I’d argue that there is not a season, not Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter that you cannot sell your home if you are ready and have the right real estate agents (that would be us)! When you list in Spring, you can attract families looking to move between school years. When you list in the Fall, you get the folks looking to move before Winter hits. When you list in Winter, you attract the very serious buyer… because who wants to drive in a foot of snow to see a home they have no interest in actually buying?

What’s the upside to selling your home in the Summer? You still catch the families looking to make a move before a school season, and you have a bit more time to get your home showing ready!

One of the great things about selling your home in the summer is, it gives you a chance to actually showcase your outdoors! It’s time to highlight your outdoor areas like your decks, patios, and porches! These attract buyers! But, not if they aren’t inviting! Make sure you repaint, clean, and repair any loose railings. Another thing that can really boost your home into prime selling condition is landscaping! Have you been maintaining your yard work? Having colorful flowers, and potted plants or hanging baskets can give your home curb appeal that other homes on the market may not have. Thus, landing your home at the top of the buyer’s list!

In the Winter & Fall months… we have asked some of our clients to do things like bake cinnamon rolls or cookies, and leave them out for showings. It not only makes the buyer feel welcome, and at home… but it also makes a house smell great! In the Spring & Summer months… it is a nice touch to leave out some refreshing iced tea or lemonade! It does the same thing for buyers, gives them a sense of being at home, but you don’t get the same smell factor as you would cookies of course!

There are a lot of great tips and tricks to selling your home in the Summer to get the best possible price for your home! If you’ve thought about selling your home… make sure you give us a call!

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