Sorry “Yahoo! Finance” – You’re Wrong! FSBO is NOT a good way to go!

It has been a busy week, and now that it’s Friday — the world of Real Estate is really heating up! After all… we are the most busy when everyone is off work because that is when we do listings, showings, and open houses! Even though it is Friday, I cannot get an article out of my head that I read on Yahoo! Finance. I gave it a whole week before deciding to tell the world why they got their article on, “Why it’s such a great time to be a FSBO”,  all wrong! I read that article up and down multiple times, and came to the conclusion that someone who has never bought or sold a home in their lifetime must have written it. So, that calmed my nerves a little! How do I know that the author has never been involved in a real estate transaction? They made the idea of selling a home, your biggest lifetime investment, as easy as selling a 1992 Ford Temp for $600 on your front lawn. Sorry folks… it just isn’t that simple, or that easy. Being a FSBO you are automatically working from a disadvantage; a lack of qualified buyers. That sounds like a pretty big deal, right? Because it is. Most SERIOUS, and pre-approved, homebuyers work with buyers’ agents, and those agents work with listing agents. These buyers, and buyers’ agents get their home prospects from the MLS. So if you’re going the FSBO route, and even buy a website or links from sites like Zillow, and maybe even plaster it all over Craigslist… you are still at the very large disadvantage to your homebuyer audience. If you don’t have an agent to input your home into the MLS Listings… you, and your FSBO home might as well be invisible! The scary thing about this is that this isn’t the only disadvantage you have, and isn’t this a big enough one? If not… I’ve got many more!

Could you go the FSBO route? Sure… you could. But at the end of the day, why? I mean… you COULD try to go sky diving for your very first time, and pack your own parachute… It could open correctly, or it may not. Would you really put yourself in that situation? Or would you hire an expert to help guide you, and pack that lifesaving tool for you? Just a thought.

Well that concludes my rant 🙂

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