Tips To Sell Your Home This Fall!

Happy Thursday Afternoon!

If you are anything like me… you are ready to embrace fall! This happens to be my favorite time of year, and what is not to love about it? You have beautiful scenery, pumpkin spiced everything, and family get-togethers! Today we are going to talk about preparing your home to sell in the fall. We all already know that Springtime is one of the most popular time to list a home for sale, there is absolutely no reason to wait if you are ready to sell now. Buyers are on the hunt year round, and are prepared to buy anytime of the year. This can work to your advantage, especially if you know how to prepare your property to sell!

The great thing about this time of year, is that there usually are fewer homes on the market, so you have less competition. Having a home readily available can draw buyers right to you for a high priced sell, in minimum time. Take a second to read a few of these awesome tips to get your home in tip top shape to sell quick in the fall!

  1. Embrace Fall – Just because you are selling your home, don’t skimp out on fall decorations. Keep the overall feel of your home in tune with the holiday that is approaching whether it is Halloween or Thanksgiving. Buyers will be able to see themselves, and their families enjoying holidays in your home. When a buyer can start envisioning themselves in your home… that is a great thing!
  2. Make Sure Your Home Is Ready – Work with your Realtor *aka* “ME ūüôā ” to think of options and/or repairs to make your home the best it can be! Buyers appreciate things like good insulation, and energy efficient furnaces, especially when cooler weather is on the horizon!
  3. Keep It Clean – Curb Appeal.. Curb Appeal… Curb Appeal. It is extremely important that no matter what season¬† you are selling your home in that you maintain the curb appeal to your home. In Fall, you especially want to make sure that the exterior of your home is clean! This means raking leaves, clearing out decaying plants that may still be lingering from Spring & Summer, and making sure that you keep it going because in Fall it is an ongoing process! While taking away the Summer plant favorites, bring out some Mums to really make your home have the feel of fall!
  4. Let Your Realtor Help You Price Accordingly- This is a very important step, and without following through with this one… steps 1-3 are almost pointless! To sell your home, it needs to be priced to compete in the current market, no matter what time of year you sell! The longer a home sits on the market, the more prone that home is to gaining a stigma and making it an even harder sell! It is far better to price your home right THE FIRST TIME, and get the very best offer you can! Sometimes we use a strategy to price slightly below market value to bring in more buyers. The theory behind this strategy is that a well kept home, reasonably priced, will bring in far more buyers to compete with each other… than an over priced home will.

If you are serious about selling your home, there is no “bad time” of year to do it! Follow these helpful suggestions and you will be prepared to sell your home before Winter arrives… which brings a whole new set of selling tips!

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