Real Estate Myths (Part 1)!!!

If I sit back and think really hard, I can remember the first tall tale that I can remember being told; “If you make funny faces at someone, your face will get stuck like that.” I can attribute that tall tale to my grandmother.

Now older, and hopefully a little more wise, I think about all of the tall tales that I hear about Realtors, buying & selling homes, and just real estate transactions in general. I think that it is time I break down these real estate myths and put the truth out there, so here we go! Part 1 of this 2 part series for your reading pleasure!!

  1. All Real Estate Agents Are The Same And Created Equal: This myth can be applied to other professions as well such as: doctors, lawyers, teachers…ect. There are several THOUSAND licensed real estate agents in Central Ohio alone, and no… we aren’t all the same! Every single agent has a different skill set, a different experience level, and different personality. For example: An agent who has only ever worked with HUD/Short Sale/Bank Owned homes, may not be your best bet to list an owner occupied home! Buying / Selling a home will most likely be the largest investment you ever make in your life. Make sure you have a great professional, or a team of professionals (like us) to be there for you!
  2. Overprice Your Home So You Can Negotiate Later: Out of all of the myths, this has to be one of the absolute worst for sellers to believe! When you overprice your home, you need to understand that your home will not sell. Buyers are now more educated than ever, and over 90% of them are represented by a real estate professional who is even more educated! It is important for sellers to understand that if they start off over pricing their home, and their home does not sell, you start to rack up your “days on market time”. Your “days on market time” is defined by how long your home has been on the market, or for sale. Once you start breaching the 90 day period here in the Central Ohio market… your home is going to gain a stigma. “No one else wanted to buy that home, there must be something wrong with it”, is what buyers will start to say about your home. Even if you come down in price down the line… you are now the home that no one wanted. Over pricing your home leads you down a path of two options: 1) You don’t sell your home or 2) You end up selling your home for less than if you would have priced it right from the get-go! Overpricing your home is just a horrible idea, and you shouldn’t do it!
  3. Selling your home “For Sale By Owner” Will Save You TONS Of Money: You know what else would save you a TON of money? Preforming that open heart surgery that you need… all by yourself. Oh…. you’re not a medically trained Cardiologist? You wouldn’t want to risk your life, or that of a loved one… just because you thought there could possibly be a chance of saving a little bit of money? Well… I completely agree with you!! The same applies to buying or selling real estate by yourself, without having been professionally trained to do so. The internet is a great place to obtain information, but garbage in – garbage out. You read the wrong DYI article, and you could land yourself in a heap of trouble! There’s one saying that isn’t a tall tale: “You think that it’s expensive to hire a professional? Try hiring an amateur!” A licensed real estate professional is statistically more likely to sell your home for a higher net amount, and with less hiccups through the process. The real estate profession can be traced back in the US to as early as 1908. For a profession that has been around for over a century and continues to grow…. how about giving us a try?

Interested in selling your home, and curious what the value of your home is? For an instant home value sent to your email… CLICK HERE!!!

Josh and I have been selling homes in Central Ohio for over a decade. If you’re looking for respected, honest, and loyal agents to help you buy or sell a home anywhere in Ohio reach out to me directly!

Kayla Staup
Cell: 740-361-4207




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