The Realtor you choose… it matters!

Happy Monday Readers! I trust that you had a glorious weekend, and are hitting this Monday head on! I know I am! We had quite a busy weekend in Real Estate transactions ourselves! We got a condo in contract in German Village, and also got another new listing in Grove City. We are taking on a ton of business this year, and looking to double the business that we had last year.

While meeting with clients over the weekend, we got to discussing,  “what makes a difference in the Realtor you choose to represent you?” Well, I have hundreds of reasons you should choose us 🙂 but in all seriousness… what are the key things I find that clients are looking for when they are choosing us to represent them? I’ve thought of a few that I’m going to list for you here, but just remember… these are just a few of many!

HONESTY – Having an agent that is honest to you is extremely important. What is a great way to tell if an agent is honest, and a good choice? Ask for an address and contact info from a recent past client. Keep in mind that the seller/or buyer must give their permission to give out their contact information. If your agent cannot even pull one good reference out… it may be time to move on to someone else! (We have plenty of great references 🙂 )

STRONG NEGOTIATING SKILLS- As Realtors we wear many hats. We represent buyers in one transaction… and sellers the next. When you are choosing a Realtor it is important to have an agent who can understand both sides of the transaction to get you the best bang for your buck! When representing a seller, our job is to get the most money for our clients in the least amount of time. When representing a buyer, our job is to get them the best deal on their dream home, while negotiating things like: appliances, possession date, and whether or not that hot tub stays or goes. It is our job to be a voice for both sides. Your agent has to not be afraid of conflict, and needs to have the negotiating capabilities to get you what you want/need to the best of their abilities!

EXPERIENCE & PROVEN RESULTS- It is very common for a seller to choose an agent because they are a friend, a workplace spouse, or an usher at church. Sure, any one of these could be a GREAT agent…. but how do you really know? Selecting the first agent that you know, just because you are close to them could be a big mistake, and cost you thousands! When potentially choosing the person who you know closely think about these three things: Are they full time agents? Do they have experience selling similar homes? How many expired listings do they have, and why do they have them?  You will want an agent with experience, and proven results representing you, so think of those things before going with your cousin’s uncle twice removed!

FREQUENT COMMUNICATION-  Without a doubt, this is the #1 complaint I hear from the public regarding their current agent, or past agent; lack of communication. “My Realtor didn’t return my call for 5 days,” “The last Realtor I had didn’t explain anything to me!” … and on and on. Selling/Buying a home can be very stressful, and when you are not getting proper communication from your agent, matters can go from bad to worse quickly! It is very important to be on the same page with your agent in regards to how communication will work in your relationship. Some of our clients prefer calls, other texts, and others email. While communication styles are different… it must still be apart of the agent to client relationship! I recently picked up a cash buyer client, because an agent they were trying to pursue previously wouldn’t return their call. What a horrible way to represent yourself, and your business.

In summary… it is important to pick an agent that will be your biggest backer, your strong armed negotiator, and a salt of the Earth person!

Thank you for reading and to learn more about using us as your selling/buying agents… click HERE!

We would be, “Happy To Meet You”!


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